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Locals enjoy hitting the trail with Riding Iceland

Melanie Cary of Jupiter and Lisa Loewenberg of Caloosa have found a unique way to escape the brutal South Florida heat. Masteron E 200 Next summer, the pair will once again glide on horseback across windswept highlands and explore the volcanoes, glaciers and mystical forests of Iceland.

Cary and Loewenberg enjoyed their last Icelandic adventure in July. Cary wants locals to know about the tours and sign up for next year's trip soon, before all the spots are filled. She's Kamagra 100 known Bjrnsson for many years and was there for the Is Testosterone Enanthate Powder Legal start of Riding Iceland.

Melanie Cary and Sigurur "Siggi" Bj rnsson, Owner of Riding Iceland. Cary encouraged Bjrnsson to leave the corporate world and start his own horseback tour business. She's ridden with him every summer for the past five years and wants to encourage more local riders to try the Riding Iceland trip. PHOTO PROVIDED

"I worked for an Icelandic venture capital company with Siggi," she said. "I was not a rider. He's been a passionate rider his whole life. He 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron decided to organize a business riding tour. I was so nervous because I was not an accomplished rider. But it was unbelievable. You're flying over the countryside at full speed."

Bjrnsson started Riding Iceland five years ago.

"He made the decision to get out Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies of the venture capital world, and I egged him on the whole time," Cary said. "I told him he was great at it and it was his passion. I was his first customer on his first tour."

Riders fly into Iceland and meet Bjrnsson in Reykjavik. From there, they are driven out to the countryside, where they are paired with gaited Icelandic horses. There are several tours available that traverse the different ecosystems of Iceland. Most of the tours take place in the summer. There is also one winter tour in March that gives riders the chance to see the Northern Lights. One of Cary's favorites is the Grand Canyons Tour, which explores scenic canyons, volcanoes, ravines and waterfalls.

"It's the most picturesque," she said. "It's just gorgeous."

The riders and tour guides bunk together in huts with no electricity each night. The lack of modern convenience is quickly forgiven amid the delicious local cuisine, nightly folk music and the promise of the following day's adventures, she said. The absence of electronic devices goes completely unnoticed after the first day or two.

"There is technology available if you want it," Cary said. "But after a few days, no "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" one wants to take their phones out. It's so nice not having to answer to anyone. To me, it's very healing and peaceful. You're truly at one with yourself. Even when you're riding with 20 people, you're really alone. You're flying. You're not talking. You're taking in all this beauty. It's spectacular."

The Riding Iceland trips cost about $3,000, including airfare. All meals and accommodations are included. Anyone interested in joining the tour should visit the Riding Iceland website.

"The website is updated with all of next summer's trips," Cary said. "The group from South Florida is targeting mid July to do Grand Canyons again. Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop Anyone that wants to go can go to the website "Anabolika Definition" and express interest there. Ziggy will get in touch with them or put them in touch with me or Lisa."

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