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Museum Napoleon Mourning Ring

13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, is often said to be one of London's best kept secrets.

In 1827 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone John Britton, architectural commentator, published The Union of Architecture, Sculpture and Painting: a series of illustrations with descriptive account of the house and galleries of John Soane, in which he described Soane's collection as an "Academy of Architecture".

Sir John Soane's Museum Protected by Act of ParliamentIn 1833 the British Parliament passed an Act that would protect Soane's house and its contents after his death, making the museum permanently available to 'students and amateurs of art and architecture'.

Napoleon Mourning Ring Acquired With Help from The Art FundA recent five year restoration plan has attempted to return the collections to, as near as possible, their Proviron Source state when Soane died in 1837. Part of the restoration plan has involved re acquiring items that have been lost, including a gold mourning ring containing a lock of Napoleon's hair. The ring, originally one of Soane's most treasured possessions, was Masteron Subq left in his will as "heir looms in my family", rather than as part of the museum's collections.

At some point the ring left the family's possession and nothing was heard of it until it appeared at Christie's auction house in June, 2009. Unfortunately, the museum was outbid in their attempt to buy the ring. However, the new owner, on discovering "Hgh Jintropin Avis" the museum's interest, decided the jewellery should be returned to the museum. Soane enthusiasts raised 11,000 towards the purchase price and The Art Fund (an independent arts charity) granted an additional 30,000 to ensure the ring's return to its original home.

Sir John Soane's Obsession with NapoleonThe ring, which contained a lock of Napoleon's hair, is important to the museum because of Soane's fascination with the Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve Emperor, who enjoyed "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" cult status. Several places in the house reflect Soane's interest such as the Breakfast Room which contains two portraits, one showing Napoleon as a "Oxandrolone Powder India" young solder, the other depicting him close to defeat.

It is probable that Soane commissioned the mourning jewellery, and a letter in the museum archive from a Miss Balcombe, states, "Knowing how much Mr Soane esteems the reliques of great men Miss E. Balcombe presents him with a lock of Bonaparte's hair received by her from the hands of that great Personage." Miss Balcombe was Elizabeth (Betsy), the daughter of an official on St Helena where Napoleon was imprisoned from 1815 Buy Jintropin 1821. The young Betsy was one of Napoleon's favourites and her memoirs describe their friendship.

The ring, hallmarked London 1822, one year after the Emperor's death, is inscribed with the words: "This lock of hair ofNapoleon Buonaparte was presented to John Soane Esquire by Miss Elizabeth Balcombe." It also includes the words "Prier Pour Moi" (pray for me).

Further information about the ring is available from The Art Fund. The ring will go on display at the museum later in November and full details will be available from Sir John Soane's Museum nearer the time.

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